Mariners Church Christmas Collateral

Each year our Creative Team would meet and begin planning Christmas in July. Our words for Christmas in 2012 were COMFORT & JOY. The design team collaborated to create a beautiful dream-like scene out of paper cones and twinkle lights. This was constructed and shot in our studio and then digitally edited and the text was added by our designers. Once the basic look was created we used the brand experience across multiple platforms.

Mariners Church Easter Collateral

The theme for Easter 2012 was ALL THINGS NEW and our creative team worked hard to use a tree full of life to communicate visually the idea of renewal and growth. In order to give the tree image life and energy, the additional colors and distressed text were added. Once this basic brand experience was created the artwork was expressed in many different deliverables, including a flyer for the Egg Scramble event which had a unique feel but used similar colors to tie it in with the overall Easter brand.

McKinney Church Video Stories

During my season at McKinney Church, I was responsible for the video team and all of our service stories. McKinney was an older church that had transitioned to a younger generation of leaders and was planning to expand facilities to reach the next generation. We used stories to help shape the culture of honoring the past while looking to the future with excitement and energy! These videos represent some of our what we were able to create. I oversaw production and shaped the content

McKinney Church “Beyond Ordinary” Campaign

McKinney Church had undergone a major change in leadership over the course of the previous three years and now wanted to reflect that new approach with a change in facilities. The plan was to build a wing for youth and a chapel on the existing property in the area that had previously been designated for an adult Sunday School class building. We communicated a vision for reaching the next generation by unpacking the legacy of leadership that has been part of McKinney since the earliest days.

Rock Church “ALL IN” Campaign

Rock Church worked with Generis & LifeTogether to launch a stewardship and generosity campaign in the Fall of 2015. My team was responsible for the overall brand experience and all storytelling elements. Included below are elements of the brand, story videos and a sample of the groups curriculum.

Rock Church Sermon Series Graphics

Samples of sermon series artwork created for Sunday services.

Rock Church Stories & Videos

Samples of videos produced during my leadership of the video team.

Lifetogether Ministries Work

During my time at Lifetogether Ministries, I was responsible for all elements of production. My role was to shepherd all projects from initial launch through pre-production planning, shooting, writing, editing, design and final delivery. I was responsible for all creatives and production details and acted as both producer and director. Below are samples of curriculum videos and print materials.